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Outpatient Services

Community Programs, Inc. (“CPI”) offers competent and comprehensive outpatient services for substance abuse and sexual offender treatment. Our specialized tracks of treatment are tailored to fit the individual’s treatment needs. Clients will participate in assessments and pre-treatment sessions to determine the appropriate level of treatment, and be placed into group and individual tracks of treatment that coincide with client’s needs.
Topics that are covered in the substance abuse outpatient program may include:

  • Negative thoughts and negative behavior
  • Values evaluation
  • Reducing conflict and using social skills
  • The addiction and criminal behavior cycle
  • Enhancing relationship skills

Topics that are covered in the sexual offender outpatient program may include:

  • Human sexuality and relationship building
  • Cognitive distortions/thinking errors
  • Reducing conflict and using social skills
  • The sexual assault cycle
  • Substance abuse and how it relates to the sexual assault cycle
  • Social/interpersonal skills training
  • Relapse prevention

CPI has four convenient locations for outpatient services. This allows your clients to participate in and complete outpatient programming while still attending to probation or parole requirements and employment obligations. Contact us at or 248-406-0104 for more information.

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